Don't Miss Dracula - Halloween Weekend

Brunswick Little Theatre's weekend offering is an enormously dracula successful revival of this classic opened on Broadway in 1977 fifty years after the original production. This is one of the great mystery thrillers and is generally considered among the best of its kind. Lucy Seward, whose father is the doctor in charge of an English sanitarium, is attacked by a mysterious illness. Dr. Van Helsing, a specialist, believes that the girl is the victim of a vampire, a sort of ghost that goes about at night, sucking blood from its victims. The vampire is at last found to be a certain Count Dracula, whose ghost is at last laid to rest in a striking and novel manner. The play is for all who love thrills in the theater.

"Pure escape and great fun." N.Y. Post

"An evening of high class fun." Newsweek

Director: Ron Lee

Starring Linden Willetts as Dracula and Maureen DeWire as Lucy, the current object of his affection. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Cape Fear Chapter, American Red Cross.

Where: Odell Williamson Auditorium

Times: Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. Sunday matinee at 3pm.



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