Searching for Sylvia

Get in on the fun with Brunswick Little Theatre's upcoming production of Sylvia, a hilarious man-loves-dog comedy about a couple, having recently moved to Manhattan, who find their relationship turned on its head when Greg (the husband) brings home Sylvia, (a stray poodle/lab mix) from the park. Kate (the wife), a teacher whose new writing career is beginning to take off, is completely threatened when Sylvia becomes the new object of Greg's desire.

Sylvia, the schmaltzy mutt with the big heart, and a heaping helping of ATTITUDE is caught in the crossfire between the object of her desire, and her nemesis Kate, who just wants her out of the picture completely. The close-to-home dynamics of the characters drive this show from start to finish and make for one good rollicking, irreverent good time.

The Brunswick Little Theater, as a pre-performance warm-up, would like for you to help us find our own local version of Sylvia, a dog of sound mind, questionable heritage, pompous attitude, and unflappable heart. We are even offering a $50 reward to the person whose dog most mirrors our famous mix-of-a-mutt, Sylvia. Instructions on how you may enter are as follows........

Contest begins February 4th, 2008

How to enter:

1. You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Brunswick County.

2. Send us an email with a photo of your dog attached (no larger than 600X400px please) Tell us briefly why you think your precious mutt fits the bill. If you are unable to send via computer, entries can be mailed to Vicki Burton, 211 N. Lord Street, Southport, NC 28461.

3. Deadline for receipt of all entries is March 1, 2008

All entries will be displayed here on this blog where you and the general public can help us select our real-live Sylvia. Further voting instructions will follow when the final ballot is placed here on the blog.

The winner will be announced on Saturday, March the 8th during the show at Odell Williamson Auditorium. (Show starts at 7:30)

Please join the fun and email your entries to brunswicklittletheatre@gmail.com

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