Here are the Contestants for "Searching for Sylvia"

Thanks to all who submitted. Thi
s is one great-looking batch of dogs. All pictures were edited and enhanced for best display on this web site. Descriptions given by the owner were condensed to the space allowed. Our winner will be announced in unique fashion during the intermission of this Saturday evening's production of Sylvia at Odell Williamson Auditorium. In alphabetical order they are:

Artie - According to his owner he's part licky and part stupid. His favorite seat in the house is the couch. Everyone who visits finds this out early in visit. It's his seat and he doesn't like giving it up.

Bear - Bear is a dog with a lot of attitude. He loves to wrestle and he doesn't like to lose. People will drive by and honk and wave at him and the UPS guy stops by and plays with him at least once a week.

Bella - Bella can jump 5 feet high. All her owners have to ask her is "Bella do you want to go fishing?" and she starts jumping like a kangaroo. She walks on the beach 3 miles a day and she has lots of friends.

Finnigan - Finnigan is the official greeter on the Bald Head Island Passenger Ferry.

Jenny - Jenny lives with 2 cats and a baby. She has the patience of Job and loves everyone. She likes long walks on the beach and “movie time” with the family.

Maggie - She is a rescue from Katrina; she is a schnoodle (part schnauzer and part poodle); is the sweetest girl in the world but definitely has some "attitude" when required!

Please vote only once......and good luck to ALL!

Deadline March 7, 2008 at 12:00 Noon

Winner revealed on Sat. March 8 during the show. (starts at 7:30)

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