BLT Presents Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park

What do you get when have two newlyweds  as they begin married life in a tiny fifth floor walkup apartment in a mid-Manhattan brownstone, an eccentric neighbor, the bride's very proper mother, a telephone repairman, and a delivery man coming in and out? You get Brunswick Little Theatre's production of  Neil Simon's hilarious BAREFOOT IN THE PARK at Playhouse 211. This romantic comedy, with direction and scenic design by Broadway veteran Paul Bertelsen, focuses on newlyweds, Corie and Paul Bratter (Lisa Henderson and Riley Ransom). Paul is a strait-laced attorney, and Corie is a far more spontaneous free spirit. The young couple must contend with a lack of heat, a skylight that leaks snow, five long flights of stairs, eccentric  neighbor Victor Velasco (Doug Dodson) , and Corie's well-meaning mother, Mrs. Banks (Ginny Quaglia). Providing some very humorous scenes are Pete McLintock as the telephone repairman and Paul Bertelsen as the delivery man who have to maneuver the long stairs several times.  BAREFOOT IN THE PARK addresses the fixed attitudes concerning marriage with Neil Simon's typical blend of humor, sarcasm, and real human emotion. Tickets $17/Adults - $12/Students at Playhouse 211.

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